Surviving Trauma

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Surviving Trauma

Release Date: TBD
Rating:Not Yet Rated

Year    :   2016
By    :   The Story Shop
Slogan    :   A documentary film about psychological trauma, its causes, crippling effects and pathways to understanding, healing and hope.
Genre    :   Documentary, Psychological
Time    :   Feature Length (TBD)
Budget    :   TBD
Age    :   All Ages

Rating:   No rating yet


Surviving Trauma is a feature-length, documentary film exploring psychological trauma, its causes, crippling effects and pathways to understanding, healing and hope.

The objective of the film is to serve as a critical tool in raising awareness about the seriousness and pervasiveness of psychological trauma in the lives of millions upon millions of people worldwide. Ultimately, it is our hope that scores of unreached people – often limited by a lack of resources, illiteracy, insufficient social support or personal, psychological challenges of their own – may finally be exposed to some of the life-changing information that is known regarding the biological and neurological causes of trauma and what can be done to heal and move toward improved integration and wellness. The film is meant to reduce the stigma of mental illness, raise the subject in the collective consciousness, encourage personal discovery and dialogue and offer a starting point for individuals to begin their very own journey of recovery and healing.

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This is an independent film, not funded by a major studio or distributor. As such, the expense of the film is being carried by the producers and the generous contributions of organizations and people, just like you. If you would like to support the making of this film through a gift of funds, you may do so by clicking the “Donate” button. 100% of your donated dollars will be applied directly toward the production of this film. It should be noted that donations made here are not tax deductible. To make a tax deductible contribution to the film, please contact us at The Story Shop and we will provide further instructions.

Why is this film important?

What is psychological trauma? Is it more than PTSD? Discover why the top minds in the field of trauma understanding, healing and recovery are lending their voices to this landmark film.


This film wouldn’t be possible without the generous sharing of experiences, expertise and insight of a growing list of people. Some are experts who have dedicated their lives to understanding and treating trauma. Others are survivors, whose personal stories illuminate life after trauma. We thank them for their “voice” in the world and in this film. Click through to see a small sampling of those voices, with more being added regularly along the way.


The Backstory

At the time of the devastating Haiti earthquake in 2010, Luke Renner was serving as a humanitarian on the small island nation. A filmmaker by trade and background, Luke found himself among the wreckage of Port au Prince in the days and weeks following the disaster, documenting in full detail the aftermath of the earth shattering event. It was among the broken concrete and clouds of dust and debris, that Luke himself was shaken to his core.

Months and years passed, and while Renner had made his way back to the US, he had unwittingly brought with him the nightmares and overwhelming emotion of those weeks spent filming the wreckage of a country he loved dearly. Not knowing exactly what to name the burden he was carrying, Luke set out to understand his own struggle and in the process uncovered the silent masses, suffering alone with the longterm effects of psychological trauma and PTSD.

“Surviving Trauma” joins Luke as he travels across the country, speaking to fellow survivors and trauma experts alike. It’s both a journey inward to reveal hope and outward to understand.



Videos & Photos

Below you will find several videos and photos from the project. Please spread the word about this very important project.


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“Surviving Trauma” is a production of The Story Shop, a production company based in Indiana.
Executive Producers: Judy Bork & Selly Chvotzkin
Producers: Luke Renner & David Neidert
Associate Producers: Ron Hanson, Edward Paul Fry & Katie Hooten
Writer & Director: Luke Renner
Director of Photography: David Neidert
Special thanks to Kickstarter supporters that helped us launch this project. To see that campaign click here.